Slow Blowing…Very Slow Blowing

July 16, 2009

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The only Shrek sequel I want to see.
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Sparking Soon Bitches June 14, 2009

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We just started this website over Gay Pride weekend because we were APPALLED when we found that there wasn’t ANY place on the web for Gay Stoners. The Mary’s who love Mary Jane, perhaps you yourself, are lost out there in cyberspace, but now we want to welcome you home. Below is just a taste of what’s coming on Gay Stoners, the one and only joint for us on the web. Yes, that includes the entire LGBT community, we welcome everyone at Gay Stoners with open arms

Gay Stoners is going to be your quintessential daily addiction filled with hot guys and girls smoking pot, breaking Marijuana news stories, closet celebrity stoners revealed, and Stonervision videos to watch while you’re high.

This isn’t what the site will look like either, please, we’re gay stoners with taste.

Bear with us while we get this up and going the site should be in full regale starting Monday, June 15th


Gay Stoner Of The Day June 13, 2009

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FAG OUT” High On Drugs Dancing

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Take a toke and press play to join along.

Smoke a little and suddenly you and your friends are the Pusycat Dolls.


Gay Stoner Of The Day

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Our mascot and gay stoner of the day is woman extraordinaire Miss Alaska Thunderfuck!

That’s her God given name and when we told her her face didn’t have to be in the picture she declared, “I’M A PROUD GAY STONER!”


Queervision – Planet Unicorn

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Get stoned and then watch this Queer bait! Unicorn Planet is some of the best gay stoner watching out there.

I love my cheries! My doesn’t have enough cherries!


Why Do Straight Stoners Hate Us? June 11, 2009

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So I was reading some of the “Gay Stoner” chat rooms to get a glipse into who will be reading my fagulous site and I came across the RUDEST most UNEDUCATED chat rooms on gay stoners. I was so shocked I almost dropped my dick bong.

I guess when the gays get stoned we turn into loud uncontrollable fairies.

Blaze it up must be in high school because he can’t blaze with the gays:

I was friends with this kid for about 3 months and me and my other friend and him would always hang out. I know its bad but since I found out hes gay I really have no desire to hang out with him. i had a bad expeince with one of my friends coming out and I dont want to be friends with many gay people.

I wouldnt mind but last time we hung out me and him had to share a couch and I had half and He had half. Then all of a sudden he just puts his head on my shoulder. I was baked as fuck and didnt want to be mean so I just slept on the floor but when I woke up and remmebered I was really pissed. You can be gay but just dont act it and espcially have some respect and dont pull that shit.


Wait! Wait! It gets worse. Here’s another reason why we started this website:

the last time i smoked with a bunch of ’em i was in a soccer field and they started to run to the other end making really loud noises and generally pissing me off..

That was the party train and you were left at the station.